Buckle up, it’s Easy! Upgrade to first class with the SMART Card. Ramp up down the runway, wheels up!

Sign up for the SMART Card! Make sure you bring in proof of your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ account number into the store. Proof of mileage number can be provided with Alaska Airlines VISA™ credit card, Alaska Airlines Club 49™ card, a mileage statement, or a document with your official mileage number present. If you do not currently have an Alaska Airlines mileage number, you can register at alaskaair.com. Our senior discount is still available; add your Sitka Tax Exemption Number to your sign-up form and earn 5% on purchases.

Present your card to your attendant, aka cashier, or key in your phone number on the Smart Card terminal every time you are at the checkout. The card/terminal will automatically keep track of your points with each purchase. If you currently qualify for our senior discount, your card/terminal will ensure you earn 5% on every purchase that you can use at the time of purchase.

The SMART Card awards you mileage every time you shop our locations, Sea Mart, Market Center, Cascade and Watson Point Liquor.

For every $2 you spend, earn 1 point.

At the end of each month, the Ground crew will change your points into miles and apply them to your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ account. All you have to do is book your ticket on alaskaair.com; make sure your tray table is in a full, upright and locked position; and head to your next destination.

Welcome aboard! When you sign up, a private, online account is automatically available. You can view your status, be briefed on market alerts, create your shopping list from our weekly ad, and keep track of your purchases; plus, you will have access to endless coupons to clip and use every time you shop with us.

Just go to the App Store on your smart phone, download the APP CARD app, enter in your phone number that is registered to your account and you are on your way to coupons galore and future reward programs.