Local ownership. Local commitment.

Imagine this scene: A woman walks through the doors and grabs a cart. As she heads towards the deli, she walks a little faster, hopeful that our famous fried chicken hasn’t been snatched up. The Deli Manager, who also happens to be her son’s little league coach, tells her he made an extra batch that afternoon. She smiles in relief. He chuckles. “Looks like sun tomorrow!” he says. Her smile broadens and she gives an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

She continues down each aisle, filling up her cart with groceries for the week. Every once in a while, she catches herself singing along to the store’s music and laughs to herself. She reaches the cashier and hands over her Alaska Airlines punch card. She’s building up her miles each time she shops. Hawaii can’t come soon enough. With a hearty “See ya later,” she’s off to prepare dinner for her family: her famous Swedish meatballs—or at least her son tells everyone they’re famous.

This is something we see every day. Customers who have an exceptional experience at Sea Mart. From mothers to business owners to tourists to locals, we love our special community and our customers love us right back. The reason? We focus on delivering service that goes above and beyond. It’s our vision. It’s our voice. It’s the very heart of who we are.

The spirit of Alaska isn’t just in our store. It’s in our DNA. Forged by independence. Furthered by hard work. Rooted in a legacy that extends back to 1949 when Clarence and Hopewell Rands opened up shop in Sitka.

Much has changed over the past six-plus decades. But one thing remains the same: our commitment to our customers and our community.

From organic foods to specialty grocery items to everyday essentials, we’re unmatched in our quality and variety. Yet our family-owned company is much more than the region’s number one grocer. We’re a gathering place for doughnuts and coffee. A supporter of local charities, sports teams, education and the arts. A member of the world community with relief efforts for natural disasters.

We’re also the largest private year round employer in Sitka. We invest in our employees and empower them to do whatever it takes to delight our customers. At Sea Mart, we’re a family. Just ask some of our employees who have been with us for decades!

We believe that:

  • Every trip to Sea Mart should be a delightful one
  • Spirit is what makes us stand out
  • Community matters
  • Investing in people is always a good thing
  • Our employees are integral to our success


Come shop with us. You’ll find friendly people, a wide variety of exceptional products and the kind of service that’s made us your
community store.

Employees at Sea Mart.

Exceptional service is no accident.

It’s the result of great people doing great work every day.

Sea Mart employees are part of our extended family, joined by the common goal of delivering service that goes above and beyond. Some of our employees have been with us for decades, and it’s no wonder. In addition to providing competitive compensation, good benefits and flexibility, we empower every employee to do what it takes to delight our customers, whether chasing down a specific item or ordering in a special treat for a landmark occasion. Alaska has long been known for amazing natural resources. At Sea Mart, it just happens to include the human variety.

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